The Tiger And The Snow

 The Tiger And The Snow (Italian with English subtitles) is a tour de force for Roberto Benigni .  This is a tender rocket-ship of a movie built around the constantly agitated humanity of its star — who is almost always on screen. His pursuit of his amour forms the central crisis of the movie and takes him from Rome to Bagdhad in the midst of the Iraqi War.

One of my favorite scenes is when Roberto in his role as a poet lectures his university class on the importance of choosing words carefully. He gives a similar talk to his daughters when they ask why he became a poet. He tells them about a wonderous experience he had as a small boy but was unable to express to his mother. This made him think:

“There must be people whose job it is to use the right words, put things in a way who when their hearts beat, can get other people’s hearts to beat. That day I decided to become a poet… If the words aren’t right, nothing is right.”

This is the only one of his films available today on Netflix instant. Many others are available from Netflix as DVDs or will soon be.


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