Tinta Roja

Red Ink (2000)  The story is taken from the novel by Alberto Fuguet. Set in Santiago this grainy film follows a close-knit troup of police reporters. Alfonso joins ‘El Clamour’ as a university intern who wants to become a novelist. Alfonso grows into his new profession, triumphs and in the process comes to face some troubling aspects of his own personality.

In America, especially today,  the phrase ‘Red Ink’ is associated with financial loss; but here it refers to a sensational tabloid headline.

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Tinta Roja is taken from the novel by Alberto Fuguet, a Chilean writer who is the founder of the literary movement ‘McOndo’. The name comes from his article, “I am not a Magic Realist!”  .

“Unlike the ethereal world of García Márquez’s imaginary Macondo, my own world is something much closer to what I call “McOndo” — a world of McDonald’s, Macintoshes and condos.” — Salon.com (June 1997). “

I am now reading his novel — appropos to this blog “The Movies Of My Life” which tells the story of a seismologist who has the epiphany he must review the 50 greatest movies he has seen. We should add the list to Flicks-Now as a kind of web-addendum – autolinked to their Netflix DVD and instant plays.



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